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The 02 Arena, British Music Experience

The British Music Experience wanted us to light a space that could be used for a variety of exhibitions – such as the Brit Awards and the Thin Lizzy exhibiton.

We installed a multi circuit lighting system that consisted of grids of lighting with spotlights to illuminate different areas of the exhibition space. This system can be operated each day with the use of a single button, and can also be controlled remotely via iphone or ipad using a wi-fi connection.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge wanted us to install lighting throughout their walkways, Engine room exhibition and function area, museum, ticket office, cloakroom and North Tower lounge.

Throughout these areas we installed overhead track lighting that could be used to illuminate exhibitions, and also installed specifically designed and manufactured colour changing systems for use at functions.

The walkways alone involved the installation of 175 independently installed LED light fittings on each 66 metre length section. These are operated by the use of a multi programmable panel that can control the colours displayed - for example, the use of specific corporate colours for a promotional event. This lighting system is not only highly effective but also economical to use, at only 1000 watt consumption per hour in each walkway.

Great Fosters

Great Fosters is a privately owned hotel near Windsor. It's a Grade 1 historic building of Elizabethan architecture set in gardens and parkland in Egham, Surrey. The original house is reported to be Henry V111's hunting lodge.

Great Fosters wanted us to illuminate The Orangery so they could use it for meetings, conferences, seminars, weddings, parties and other functions.

We removed all the old ceilings and erected new ones. We installed a new lighting system that can enhance ambience or illuminate specific areas for task purposes. These effects can be operated with the use of a remote control. We also installed audio speakers in the ceiling, and an in-ceiling rise and fall overhead projector and screen.

St Normans

St Normans is a large privately owned residential property on the outskirts of London.

The owners asked us to install full electrical services to:

  • a new indoor swimming pool
  • a new basement gym
  • a new sauna and steam room
  • a new top floor accommodation area
  • existing driveway and gardens

This was to include feature lighting to the swimming pool, a sculptured glass screen window, a model of a ship, the top floor accommodation area [including the installation of an illuminated glass wok top] the garage, the driveway and gardens.

We illuminated the swimming pool with colour changing effects which were simple to operate and maintain. We designed and had made unique stainless steel housings to hold the underwater lenses in the blown concrete body of the pool. Other areas of the pool were lit with a mixture of LED and tungsten lamps.

We installed a remote control system to operate on and off controls and lighting effects throughout the inside and outside of the whole property. For example, the turning on and off of the sauna and steam room, the lighting effect in the swimming pool, and the air changing system of the gym, could all be operated via the touch panels located in strategic positions in the house and gardens.

The Studio

The Studio is a private residential single story property which used to be a stable. This has been converted to comprise a kitchen, bathroom, lounge, dining room and open- plan mezzanine floor bedroom. It’s a brick built building with an off road parking space at the front.

We were asked to install electrical power throughout the property and to suggest lighting designs in particular areas. We were also asked to install audio visual equipment, including ceiling speakers in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and a video/media server and Sky distribution server to televisions in the lounge [with 7.1 surround sound], bedroom and kitchen.

Our work included the design and installation of the following:

  • colour changing glass balustrade
  • illuminated glass spiral staircase
  • LED illuminated kitchen worktops and kick space
  • installation of televisions to the lounge, kitchen and bedroom to receive all media and HD video, operated via remote control
  • installation of audio via CD media storage and iPod connectivity to all rooms in the property, including the bathroom, operated via remote control
  • automation of sliding driveway gate and illumination of parking area