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Our Services

Lighting changes our environment and how we react to the space we’re in.

Talk to us to describe the sort of effect you’re looking for, or ask us to come up with ideas. We’ve got the vision, skills, technical understanding and industry experience to give you the most effective, innovating, inspiring and cost effective lighting you could ask for.

If you’ve already got a lighting design we can work with your designer to get the light fittings you need and install them for you.

We’re sensitive to the needs of individual clients and properties. We have a broad range of experience in designing and installing lighting from subtly highlighting architectural features for historical properties to stunning modern installations for contemporary functions – such as the colour changing walkways on Tower Bridge [as featured on the final of The Apprentice television series in 2009].

Promote and sell your business - use lighting to feature your brand and to create the most effective mood to attract customers and to help them buy from you. Create a special ambience in your home. Save money by using energy efficient lighting systems and reduce maintenance costs. We research new products to give you the best ideas for the best quality at a fair price. We advise you on the use of lighting that is easy to control and change as you wish.