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Commercial Services

We’ll look at your space and the function you use it for. We’ll consider your budget and who’s going to control your new lighting system.

We’ll talk to you about the effect you need to achieve and suggest designs, discuss energy efficient systems, give you demonstrations of the lighting we propose to use, issue clear details of costs and timescales involved, and professionally fit the systems you choose. We’ll show you how to use the lights, provide you with all necessary documentation for legal and insurance purposes, and keep in touch with you to check you’re happy with your new lighting and making the most of what it can do.

We ensure your lighting systems comply with all current regulations. Emergency lighting, work space task lighting and cabling, storage lighting, production line lighting, ambient lighting, car park and entrance lighting, and electrical tests [including PAT testing] can improve the productivity and safety of your staff.

We can adjust your power distribution, replace old distribution equipment, and remove hazards such as out of date fuse types so you comply with legal wiring regulations.

We can install new equipment that saves you money by using energy efficient lights that reduce your energy bills and install systems that reduce your maintenance costs too.